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Our main store in Ubud is bursting at the seams with lots of new and interesting books on Bali and Indonesia. We have expanded our Children's books to include many new bilingual (Indonesian/English) books and we have also expanded the Indonesian Studies books particularly in the areas of Indonesian History, Indonesian Politics and Indonesian Literature. Not all of our books are listed here on the website but you can always email us to ask for specific titles.

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We are very happy to have an outlet in this beautiful Tea Room/Restaurant. Biku is a very different type of restaurant. It is a wonderful 150 year old Joglo that has been refurbished and fitted out with antiques and large leather reading lounges. It is the perfect place to rest, read, eat and drink. We have a fine selection of new, used, out-of-print, antiquarian and rare books on Indonesia. Also, a range of handmade cards and gifts, daily newspaper and magazines from around the world We welcome Book Club meetings, Book Launches and Discussion Groups. Contact us on Please come in and meet the staff, peruse the bookshelves and enjoy the atmosphere.

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We have just opened a new bookstore on the main street of Sanur. It houses our full range of new and used books as well as a small selection of Rare and Out - of -Print books on Bali and Indonesia. This store also houses a very special Children's Corner with lots of colourful cushions and a table or two for children to relax and read all the books on our shelves. This store is in the heart of Sanur and we have parking available out the front.

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Murni's Warung Ubud Bali
by Jonathan Copeland and Ibu Murni
Price: US$12.99

Forty Delicious Years is the story of Bali's most enduring culinary landmark - Murni's Warung in Ubud. Narrated by some of the warung's most intriguing patrons, with a preface by Murni herself, the book tells the story of how a humble roadside stall became an institution - in fact a must visit on a magical must visit island. This easy to read and immensely enjoyable collection of vignettees was published to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Murni's Warung in February 2014.

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by Heinz Von Holzen
Price: US$25.00

The Indonesian island of Bali is known for its unique blend of Hinduism and ancient mysticism. The most popular tourist destination in the country, visitors come for its beautiful beaches, rugged mountains and also for its highly developed arts and culture which include dance, sculpture, painting, music and handicrafts. This book is filled with stunning photographs of Bali, capturing its distinctive ethnic, its people and their lifestyles. This book is the perfect introduction for those keen on a visit to Bali, Island of the Gods, and an excellent keepsake for tourists, locals and anyone with an eye for culture brought to life through the lens.

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GAMELAN SCORES: Gamelan Notation for Six Wayang Kulit Performances.
Editors Phil Acimovic, Kathryn Emerson
Price: US$30.00

This book contains notation for all the Javanese gamelan music (as well as sulukan and vocal chorus texts and melodies) presented in six wayang kulitperformances that were filmed by the Lontar Foundation: Makutharama and Sesaji Raja Suya, each performed in classical style, contemporary-interpretive style, and condensed style. All gamelan accompaniment for these performances was arranged by renowned shadow master (dalang), Purbo Asmoro.

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INDONESIA ETC. Exploring the Improbable Nation
by Elizabeth Pisani
Price: US$20.00

Indonesia is a seductive place. Its people are among the most hospitable on the planet; it is rich beyond telling in languages, cultures and landscapes and it heaves with gold, nickel, spices, fish stocks. Indonesia is also a well-spring of patronage, corruption and bureaucratic incompetence; its schools are a shambles, its legal system a disgrace. Elizabeth Pisani, journalist turned scientist turned analyst-of-all-trades, spent over a year travelling 21,000 kilometres by motorbike, bus and boat, and covering another 20,000 kilometres by plane. She stayed with fishermen and farmers, bus drivers and nurses, teachers and nomads. Out of a palette that includes a sound knowledge of history, years of close observation and a healthy sense of the absurd, she paints a clear-eyed but ultimately affectionate portrait of the nation.

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NIAS SCULPTURE (400 illustrations)
by Achim Sibeth and Bruce Carpenter
Price: US$75.00

The first book solely dedicated to the Art and Culture of Nias in 25 years, Nias Sculpture features a broad array of unpublished masterpieces from the collection of the Mandala Foundation. For countless centuries, the isolated island of Nias, located far off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, developed a unique culture and stunning art little influenced by the outside world. Descendants of the Austronesians, the ancient peoples who explored and settled insular Southeast Asia beginning some 5000 years ago, their art has been acclaimed for more than a century, Nias has achieved legendary status in the pantheon of Indonesian tribal art.

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LOOKING FOR BORNEO Images, Words and Music
by Mark Heyward, David Metcalf and Khan Wilson
Price: US$55.00 Limited Edition with bonus CD

Looking for Borneo charts Mark Heyward's journey across Kalimantan from east to west arriving at Ehend in Dayak country where he stayed in a typical longhouse. Then he and his team set out up the Mahakam River in a 10m longboat. We read of their exciting meeting with the Orang-utan, and then the Dayak Tribesmen, once fierce head hunters in the region who believe that the world was populated from their island and that people in the West are descended from them. A beautiful travel narrative, crazy artwork, lush photography and wonderful music.

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by Made Wijaya
Price: Soft Cover Edition US$70.00 Hard Cover Boxed Limited Edition (500) with DVD US$150.00

Much of Indonesia is shrouded in Majapahit mystique - but nowhere as much as in Bali, where it lies over the culture like a richly embroidered cloak. The island's red-brick architecture, its Siwa-Buddha religion, and most of the Bali's warrior-princes are descended from the great East Javanese Empire". So begins this wonderful new book by Made Wijaya, a comprehensive overview of the raltionship between Majapahit-Java and its heir, Bali. This is a sumptuous book of 336 pages featuring magnificent pictures of historical monuments from Sumatra's and Java's Hindu Buddha candi, royal palaces and tombs of Islamic sages, to the Neolithic structures in East Nusa Tenggara. Covering Pre-Majapahit, Indianization, Hindu Majapahit, Islamic Era and Majapahit Styled architecture in Bali during the Post-Majapahit era. Ten years in the making and with exhaustive research, this book is a masterpiece.

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1965 INDONESIA AND THE WORLD - Bilingual Bahasa Indonesia and English
Compilatin of essays by: John Roosa, Bradley Simpson, Jovan Cavoski, Ragna Boden etc.
Price: US$20.00

This is a book of essays that puts the events of 1965 into an international context. Much of the material is controversial in today's Indonesia. One of the essays is by John Roosa, whose Pretext for Mass Murder (2006) was banned by the Attorney General's Office in 2009. This essay provides an alternative account of the September 30 Movements (G30S), the alleged PKI coup attempt. It aruges that the PKI did not mastermind the coup, as Suharto claimed, and that Suharto and his allies in the army organized the killings tht followed. Much of the book is really centres on Indonesians coming to terms with the past and moving forward. It is a testament to how far Indonesia has moved forward from the past to see this book now freely available within Indonesia.

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with Essays by: Adrian Vickers, Hedi Hinzler, Kaja McGowan & Soemantri Widagdo and the late John Darling (1946-2011)
Only 1000 copies. 424 pages with over 500 illustrations on custom made Italian art paper.
Price: US$200 plus shipping (email:

An exquisite publicaton simply oozing with the extraordianry drawings and paintings of the master of Balinese art, Lempad. Gusti Nyoman Lempad was a co-founder and leader of the Pita Maha artists collective that revolutionized Balinese painting in the 1930's, creating modern forms while remaining deeply grounded in Bali's Hindu-Buddhist faith and culture. There are 6 essays from distinguished scholars of Bali and they focus on Lempad's life, work and death, his sources of inspiration; a meditation on his drawings collected by Cornell University anthropologist Claire Holt; his drawing style and technique; and the cultural and historical context of Indian and Southeast Asian Hindu-Buddhist art and religion related to his work. Following the essays are section or "galleries" of Lempad's art divided by themes reflecting the depth and breadth of his interests and creativity. These range across stories from the Ramayana; other Hindu and Buddhist tales; indigenous Balinese legends and folk tales; the pulse of daily life and, by extension, his "Kamasutra" chronicling human erotic activity; ritual and religion; and dance and music. This book is a masterpiece in itself.

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The Life and Times of Anak Agung Anglurah Karangasem 1887-1966
by A.A.A. Dewi Girindrawardani, Adrian Vickers and Rodney Hall
Price: US$24.00

This book looks at the life and times of one of the last absolute rajas of Bali, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, also known as A.A.A. Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, or Gusti Agung Jelantik. He was king at a time when being a royal meant absolute power over his subjets, who prostrated themselves at his feet. He has been at times called vain, a schemer, and a collaborator, but he was also known as a creative architect, a key player in Balinese colonial politics, a defender of Balinese culture and an enlightened self-taught visionary. This view is presented by I Gusti Bagus Jelantik's grand daughter Anak Agung Ayu Dewi Girindrawardani in her biography, Chapters 2 and 4. Chapter 1 is by Professor Adrian Vickers and it gives us an understanding of the relationship between Karangasem and Lombok. And Chapter 3 is by Rodney Holt, founder of the Karangasem Historical Society and he looks at the final 25 years with anecdotal descriptions to key photos from the archives. Richly illustrated with photos from the archives.

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by Laura Romano
Price: US$15.00

Sumarah is a philosophy of life and form of meditation that originally comes from Java. The practice is based on developing sensitivity and acceptance through deep relaxation of body, feelings and mind. In her book, Laura Romano draws on her own extensive personal experience and describes her frequent meetings with many Javanese masters. To better illustrate the principles of the Sumarah tradition, she relates stories from her own journey, vividly recreating the relaxed and warm atmosphere of meditation meetings in the homes of various meditation teachers.

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by Kathryn Bonella
Price: US$15.00

It's snowing in Bali. Among Bali's drug dealers it's the code for a huge cocaine shipment having just landed. For the men who run the island's drug empires, it's time to get rich and party hard. This is the story of drug trafficking and dealing in Bali by best selling author Kathryn Bonella. Kathryn was given extraordinary access into the lives of some of the biggest players in Bali's drug world, both past and present. She charts their rise to incredible wealth and power, and their drug-fuelled lifestyles, filled with orgies, outrageous extravagance and surfing. From the highs of multi-million dollar deals to the desperate lows of death row in an Indonesian high security jail, Snowing in Bali is a unique, uncensored insight into a hidden world.

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by Kathryn Bonella
Price: US$15.00

Welcome to Hotel K, the ironic name given to Bali's most notorious jail by its inmates. It's a bizarre nether world where murderers sleep alongside petty thieves, drug and alcohol addiction is rife, guards are corrupt and money talks. Into this hellhole have passed a procession of the infamous and the tragic: the Bali bombers, Schapelle Corby, the Bali Nine and many others. Backed by interviews with prisoners past and present, the truth about Hotel K explodes off the page. Simultaneously mesmerising and stomach-turning.

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(Balinese Folk Tale)
Illustrations by Wayan Jembriawan
Price: US$15.00

In this Balinese folktale, written in both English and Indonesian, a handsome young man named Rajapala steals the magic sash of the heavenly nymph Ken Sulasih while she is bathing. Unable to fly away without it, she agrees to become his wife until his first son is born. An enchanting story illustrating the unforeseen circumstances of encounters between human mortals and celestial beings.

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by Afrizal Malna
Translator: Andy Fuller
Price: US$21.00

This collection of poems is concerned with a questioning of language and a bodily engagement with public and private space, things and their connotations and associations. It is through the appearance of everyday objects that Afrizal's poems emerge as a repository of the cultural meanings of space and things in Indonesia's everyday modernity. They are poems that trace the quickly changing urban trajectory of present day Indonesia. Malna is a productive literary and theatre critic, novelist and short story writer and can boast a writing career of more than 30 years.

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by Putu Oka Sukanta
Translators: Vern Cork, Leslie Dwyer, Keith Foulcher, John H. McGlynn, Mary Zurbuchen
Price: US$18.00

Putu Oka Sukanta was born into a high-cast Balinese family in 1939 and began writing poetry and short stories in high school. In the 1960's he moved to Jakarta where he mixed with leftist artists and writers. He never formally joined the Indonesian Communist Party but in 1965, when Soeharto wrested control of the country, he found himself targeted by the military. He was detained without trial for 10 years. This collection of stories portrays the experiences of survivors of violence. Sukanta delves deeply into ordinary suffering, using his keen eye for the mundane to expose extraordinary contradictions.

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by Leila S. Chudori
Translators: Pamela Allen, Jennifer Lindsay, John H. McGlynn, Claire Siverson, Sandra Taylor
Price: US$22.00

The protagonists of the stories in this collection all crave a private domain, a place that nobody else can touch. They share with their creator a passion for words, a passion for writing and a passion for literature. These characters are feisty, non-conformist, and fiercely independent - traits that do not necessarily serve them well in the constraints of the conservative environments in which they find themselves.

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by Dorothea Rosa Herliany
Translator: Harry Aveling
Price: US$21.00

This collection of poetry gives us a full range of writing by this internationally acclaimed Indonesian poet. Through a distinctive mix of striking imagery and boldness of voice, the poet sets out to destroy many of the common assumptions about everyday life and human relationships. As a woman and a poet, she is doubly an outsider. Her blatant departure, in form as well as content, from the accepted conventions of society (which intensifies through the progression of her work) is remarkable, not only in its personal and political ramifications, but in its emotional and imaginative tenor as well. Morphology of Desire is a book that will speak to readers who are interested in Indonesia, women's writing, and in poetry in general.

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by Julian Davison, Nengah Enu
Bruce Granquist as Illustrator and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni as Photographer
Price: US$15.95

In this book Julian Davison provides a comprehensive guide to Balinese architectural forms, the Balinese belief system, the rituals associated with building, the materials and contructions techniques, and theintricate ornamentation used. Over 100 watercolour illustrations and photographs provide a clear picture of the island's architecture as well as an eye-opening look at a culture and a people that have captivated the world's imagination.

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The Traditional Cuisine & Food Culture of Bali
by Vivienne Kruger
Price: US$18.95

In Balinese Food: The Traditional Cuisine & Food Culture of Bali, Dr. Vivienne Kruger brings to life Bali's time-honored and authentic village cooking traditions. In over 20 detailed chapters, Dr. Kruger explores how the island's intricate culinary art is an inextricable part of Bali's Hindu religion, its culture and its community life. This book provides a detailed roadmap for those who wish to make an exciting exploration into the exotic world of Balinese cooking chapters on:The traditional Balinese kitchen, Snacking at a roadside warung food stall, Visiting a traditional Balinese market, Preparing delicious satays with a Balinese twist, Brewing heavenly Bali coffee.

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by Desak Yoni & Sarita Newson
Price: US$25.00

To Made, a Balinese girl who was brought up in the patriarchal tradition, a man's right to rule his wife's life is without limit. She grew up in a family where her father was a rule unto himself. Made blames herself for the death of her first love, who dies in a motorcycle accident. Her initial experience of marriage is a 'face-saving' arrangement, forced upon her by her father. She becomes a captive with no rights, and a victim of abuse. It is only her stubborn will that enables her to rise above her situation and escape her renditions, running away to live abroad. Through sheer hard work and determination she attains a good education and builds a career, while bringing up her children. But the bad luck in love continues, and she returns home to Bali to seek resolution of her family problems.

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Organic, Raw, Vegan, Low GI, Gluten Free, Superfoods
by Amanda Battley
Price: US$40.00

Packed with fabulous recipes: organic, raw, vegan, low gi, gluten free and super foods! Amanda opened the organic restaurant in Padang Padang, Uluwatu Bali named "Buddha Soul Organic Fusion" and after it's amazing success, decided to compile a book full of the recipes she uses in this restaurant. Beautifully illustrated and very easy to follow recipes.

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Cooking Gourmet Vegetarian Meals for Health and Healing at Home
by the Team at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat in Bali
Price: US$30.00

The recipes in this book all come directly from the Panchakarma menu at Sukhavati and have been created based on Ayurvedic principles for nourishment and cleansing. This book also features information on the ancient science of Ayurvedic Medicine, also known as the 'Science of Longevity' as well as information on the healing qualities of food. Lavishly illustrated with easy to follow recipes.

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by Jan Hendrik Peters
Price: US$27.00

From the cover of the book:This book neither wants to make an accusation, nor impose things that are impossible to carry out. It merely wants to make the Balinese and tourists aware of what is happening in this paradise on earth and about the positive infl uence they can have in preserving the culture of the beautiful island of Bali. Tri Hita Karana, the spirit of Bali originated from the rich Balinese-Hindu philosophy. Tri Hita Karana means three causes of happiness: balanced and harmonious relationships of humans with God; of humans with fellow human beings; and of humans with the surrounding nature. Respect and togetherness are essential values in this philosophy. The Hindu doctrine of tat tvam asi, �I am you and you are me�, teaches us that all things are connected. Humans who do not respect God, fellow humans and nature are not respecting themselves, and this will eventually lead to self-destruction. Respect and togetherness will lead to harmony and happiness. Since the Balinese are already living according to the age-old philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, they can contribute to a sustainable environment for their children. This book looks at the effect of tourism on the Balinese society and ways in which it can be made sustainable.

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by Jean Couteau and Georges Breguet, & Illustrated by I Gusti Nyoman Darta
Price: US$40.00

Written by two recognised specialists of the Balinese culture, French writer and critic Jean Couteau and Swiss scientist and curator Georges Breguet, this book unravels the complexity of the Balinese calendar system in a text that makes it accessible to a general audience. The Balinese show little interest in keeping accurate track of linear time yet they manage to fulfill their many ritual obligations, along with the more mundane demands of life, in a graceful and relaxed manner. A great book to learn about different notions of time and find new ways to celebrate time in one's own life.

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Stories, Songs and Crafts for Kids (Ages 7 and up)
by Linda Hibbs
Price: US$16.95

Take a tour through one of the most diverse nations on earth! Indonesia is an enormous island chain stretching from Asia all the way to Australia. It's a land of many different faiths and creeds, including the world's largest Muslim population, and many different peoples who now all call themselves Indonesians. This book introduces children to a place where people in blue jeans walk alongside those in traditional sarongs, where fast cars and oxcarts share the same roads, and where village traditions still thrive in a world of cars and cellphones. This book tells children about the daily lives of Indonesian children - their classroom activities, favorite sports, holidays, foods and much more. Included is a brief introduction to Bahasa Indonesia.

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by Don Hasman and Filomena Reiss
Price: US$30.00

A fascinating look at the Baduy People and their textiles. The Baduy are an indigenous tribe from the Lebak district in the Banten province. A very interesting dynamic of this tribe is that they completely shun all modern technology and advances, along with anything that does not come from their own territory. As a result their tribe is divided into two sections, the Inner tribe and the Outer tribe. They are a community who uphold ancient traditions, rice cultivation, their own education system and hierarchy. While the Outer Baduy can have contact with the outside world, the Inner Baduy does not have any contact at all.

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PAINTED IN THE TROPICS The Life and Times of Swiss Artist Theo Meier
by Harold Stephens
Price: US$21.95

Theo Meier left his home in Basel at the age of 23 to follow in the footsteps of Paul Gauguin and so began his journey into Southeast Asia. He lived for 22 years in Bali and 24 years in Chiang Mai. Theo was a part of a group of artists to live and work in these idyllic areas. His friends included Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, Le Mayeur, Han Snell, Donald Friend, Mario Blanco, Willem Hofker and Arie Smit. The author, Harold Stephens, was personally acquainted with Theo Meier so this is indeed an insight into the man and the artist.

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by Richard Lewis
Price: US$25.00

During the construction of an idyllic villa on a Bali seashore, workers uncover skeletons, victims of brutal mass murder. The discovery sets the village of Batu Gede astir. The life of Made 'Nol' Ziro, a stalwart member of the community with a little gambling problem is turned upside down. Could one of the skeletons be that of his schoolmaster father, who disappeared during the massacres of 1965? Arguably the most traumatic cataclysm of Bali's rich and fascinating history, the massacres of 1965 remain mostly unknown to the island's visitors. Interweaving historical drama with contemporary Bali life, Bones of the New Moon is compulsively readable, a page-turner with unexpected twists leavened with dashes of humour, laying bare the love and hatred, the tragedy and irony, and the joy and despair of our common human predicament.

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by Seno Gumira Ajidarma
translated by Gregory Harris
Price: US$21.00

On November 12, 1991 the Indonesian military opened fire on East Timorese protestors in Dili, the capital of East Timor. Hundreds of people were killed and accounts of this massacre sparked international outrage. In Jakarta a cover-up began immediately: the Suharto government declared the killings an "accident" provoked by armed provocateurs. The Indonesian mass media was cautioned to tow the official line. Seno Gumira Ajidarma, editor of Jakarta Jakarta at the time, refused to do so and was released from his position. Unable to let his fellow Indonesians know about the facts of this "incident", Seno transformed documentary evidence into semi-fictional form and published it as a novel.

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